Feb 27, 2011

nice idea huh

I cant wait to go back to work so i can make this awesome bracelet ... i took these pictures from other blog and thought, hey i shud put tis on my blog too so everyone can get ideas from it and honestly this bracelet is a killa ;p
 i hope my works perfect, finger crossed and if it does, then ill be making a lot of it. Yayy!!
 love love life

Feb 26, 2011

Miley Cyrus

Despite of a lot of controversy, i still like her. Miley Cyrus's Marie Claire's photo shoot... she looks amazingly gorgeous!!!

enjoy !!
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Feb 25, 2011



 i love this chiffon shirt...been waiting for it and its finally here -- i hope all my ladies love it too ... i was trying it on with different style and so far im digging it ;] it feel super nice bein inside ..i wish i cud wear it when i sleep too (blush blush)
 love love life

Feb 20, 2011

in love

 pretty much to get it? I am falling in love wid jewels all over again..they are very beautiful ;]
 let me know -- ill be waiting anxiously  ;]


Model Kate Upton For Guess Spring/Summer 2011 Accessories Ad Campaign

Feb 6, 2011

title less?

shirt, made by me ;]

 From tomorrow i'll be busy working for 5 days so i wont have time to blog or post anything which is a bummer because my workplace is hour and half far......
 and shout out to all my beautiful ladies especially my sister ( Kelsang Dolma) who i haven't seen in a while now, i miss her ...





            TaTah!!!  that was fast right? 
            At my boyfriend's place, wid his teddy bear <3 


          Candice Swanepoel 

I just love how she looks amazing in all the pictures, especially the bold and bright ones. she is hot!!! let me know if my ladies think the same ;]

Feb 5, 2011


Megan Fox

Mila Kunis

Lady GaGa
These are the pictures that i came across some hip-hop website and i liked them so i decided to put on ma blog so u all can view it too ;] ...
 Sorry to all my reader for not posting any new pictures lately, but surprise!! i got a job*
I work for 5 days now, and been very busy...need to earn some serious cash so i cud go shopping !! yayy*
I will post new pictures right when i get my day off ..i hope i wont be sleeping that day ^-^

love love life