Dec 31, 2011

Beantown, when it gets quiet.

Hello lovelies,
I went out for a function last time. And i decided to wear this. It was extremely cold that day and i choose to be warm with a hint of little color.
My cousin and bunch of her friends are coming up with an event. So if you are in new york and anywhere near new york. Make sure to support them.
Thank you so stopping by.
Have a rocking new years eve, be with it with family, friends or a stranger. Do not drink and drive.  
 love love life,

Dec 26, 2011

The Francesca

Hey guys,
 Ever since i got my new camera, blogging has been easy for me, and i hope you guys are enjoying my blog.
  In this post, I have Francesca Bag which i completely adore.
 -- i will post again soon, i hope you guys love this post.
please do comment and follow if you like it.

till then,
love love life

Dec 24, 2011

Wicked Games

The weather s been pleasantly warm so far.

Hey everyone,
So i guess we are not having white Christmas this year. but i hope all of you have keeping the festive season alive. I realize that am not up to date with my blog. And it is not because i do not enjoy blogging, I am just plain lazy at times. I will try my best and would love it if you guys follow me and i shall follow you.
Happy Holidays !!
love love life,

Dec 22, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Make Artist - Ruth Casserly 

MAC <3


Lord & Taylor  gown 

Hey everyone,
           Today we had a contest for a fashion show at " Empire beauty school" .. we had a theme " Winter Wonderland"... so basically my makeup artist and hair stylist and i teamed up to create my look of goddess of winter.. Well we didnt win but it was a fun experience walking down da aisle :)
Happy Holiday
love love life

Dec 21, 2011


I finally have a good camera !! so excited --- i got sony NEX-C3 ... so ill have some quality pictures for my blog.
enjoy your holiday and take a lot of pictures :)
love love life