Jul 14, 2011

Not Newberry?

yeshi and i <3

damn!  how many floors are there ??

hi ladies,
 missed you guys ...anyways been long since i posted ...
I finally got to take pic ..ohh it rained bad and got me soaked...had to buy a simple dress from Forever21 real quick and hat was on sale at Zara for $10 ..wht a deal rite ? hehehe ... and yeap got a new perfume, YaY!!!
love it
love love life

Jul 3, 2011

Lets walk to the Moon

3rd day of ma mini vaca, cant believe i jus have one day left!!! tis whole outfit is f21.

Love love life

Let it rain or make it rain

Si si si
So tis is 2nd day ... Im jus enjoyin ma freedom from jeans n work skirt.
Yayy!!! My bf is finally takin my pictures :)
Love love life

Jul 1, 2011

Love me wid colors

I finally have 4 days off!!
Yayy!! Enjoy da bright sun :)
1st day
F21 dress !!!

Love love life