Jan 24, 2011


H&M dress

Chukee & Yangs

"amazing shoes"
last weekend, two of my cousins came down from New York, and had an amazing weekend clubbing( blush blush) ..check out my sister's blog http://cigarettesdolls.blogspot.com/

Jan 20, 2011

Happi birthday !!!!

birthday  boy

Happy birthday topel, wish you the very best ahead and enjoy your day and night.
cheers !!!
love love

Jan 19, 2011

Heading out


I've been sick for couple of days due to cold yet i manage to put myself into furry clothes and head out. this proofs that no weather or sickness can stop me from doing what i do always.

Jan 18, 2011

YaYY!!! New Items

I got gift cards for Victoria Secret and Forever21 which i was thrilled about, so here are the items that i purchased. I noe that its not a "WOW" factor but i love them for casual looks (except for the dress)
so here are the items, enjoy

Key to your heart handbag - A fun handbag for any day of the week! Striped herringbone bag that features two handle straps and adjustable shoulder - i love this bag, its really cute ;]

Embroidered peasant top

Lightweight chiffon top features floral embroidery, lace yoke and popcorn smocking at waistband. Keyhole neckline with tassel T

                                        Victoria Secret - Lace boyfriend button up shirt 

Modcloth - Feeling good, Feeling great jacket. this jacket is so very cozy and i love it. I noe that its kind of difficult to see clearly, but no worries, i will soon take picture of me wearing it.

Victoria Secret - Colorblock Corset Dress  -   This pretty dress is very classy but its way too long for my height ...if i were tall then tis dress would be awesome but too sad that i have to cut down the length so i could wear it at least while having a girls night out. 

 SORRY to my ladies for not posting new looks for couple of days, its snowing like crazy and its too cold to go out, well i have been busy with my boyfriend playing Zombie online. I love this game.
Until then love love life 
thank you for following me 

Jan 16, 2011

me want those tights

I've been browsing all the sites for this tights, i dont know if its sold out or what, help me find it :(

Jan 13, 2011

looking good has its sacrifices, chilly weather.

sweater thrifted, strip skirt from victoria secret, cross necklace gifted by chukee, heel jessica simpson A.K.A chimey ;p
finally got good camera and tatah! my brother agreed to take some pictures for me and came out like this!
enjoy till thn love love life

damn snow !!

tis is da situation (not situation from jersey shore) goin on in Boston ..its bad...even with the tall hunter boot, snow still managed to go inside and gave me a cold feet which was a bummer.

Jan 11, 2011

introducing Tenzin TopDen

the onli guy i love the most and my sweetheart, turns out he's very stylish..

Calvary Twill High-Waist Pleated Pant

American Apparel pant, top gift by my dear friend,YESHI.

I've been seeing aLot of beautiful girlz wearing these pant, i liked it for pretty long time and wanted to give it a try and finally when i got them, i didnt feel da way i did but had to take a pic ...so here it is ;]

Jan 3, 2011

so sweet, so beautiful O_o

I woke up thinking how i look with long skirt,
unfortunately it doesn't look flattering becuz of my height :(
but ideas never stops coming ;p ... fuck my height, i still pulled it off !!
keep your mind fresh and inspiration keeps coming to you <3 XOXO

love jeans

My brother who i heart alot gave me a tis jean shirt which he bought from uniqlo.com
i love his gifts ...it is rare but precious to me ;] <3