Mar 18, 2011

view ma view

 oh!! da weather was super nice but with wind, was worth taking a walk up to the tower --
 in these cute shoe ;]
watched the sun set, 
was high up in the sky 
titanic moment ;p
love love life

Mar 14, 2011

21st night

"myself with sexy doka"
alls 1ce huh?
cute ;]
i love shoesssssss

so here it is, the night of my 21st.... pictures taken before drinking ;p 
so after that, who got time to take pictures rather then dancing and enjoying right?
so i did the same...had fun with my ladies and of course my boo.

thank you guys for making it happen.
love love life

Mar 13, 2011

ChiMeY MoMo n mY DAYGwea

wearing: H&M jacket, feeling good jacket inside, gifted button down shirt, Dolce & Gabbana shade, Steve madden combat shoe, urban outfitter's bag and a hat ;]
margarita ;p
outside de mall
got moves huh?
"MY bunny bro"

ohh!! spend the whole day with my lovely annoying sister, doing shopping ! 
had a lot of fun especially eating Dumplings, still craving for it :(
yeap drank my first drink which is my favorite margarita.

my sister surprised me with yummy cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and re-using my 21st candle lol.
this is the end of my day.
but night still awaits ;p
till then
love love life

Mar 12, 2011

Surprise birthday cake

 I am finally 21..woo hooo!!
my manager calls me 10 cents since my name "Tenzin" sounds to him like 10cents, its okay cuz i call him Mike De Sike ;p  and my stomach felt funny after eating this cake becuz there was a rum inside !! which i didnt really enjoy but 1st alcohol wid cake sounds Yummy and it was Yummy !!

Mar 7, 2011

to da tower

"Uggs are cozy"

"my love"

Yesterday, The weather is Boston turned out to be pretty amazing, atleast its way better then being cold, still lil breezzy but my bf and i went to the Tower which is in Somerville, It was pretty fun taking pictures while i act like a model and my bf like a photographer ( he has no idea about photography). but he tried, i love him <3
 anyways i hope my ladies are doing great
missing them
love love life

Mar 6, 2011

drop off

i love how my pictures came out, i am having fun wid galaxy s ...da colors are awesome too
ohhh!! thats my hand ;)
til than
love love life

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Mar 4, 2011

bold and bolts

 I am pretty happy how it turned out, i have been making these instead of working at work ;]
             i hope my ladies loves it too like i do.
till then,
love love life



" licence plate bag"

"fire on"

"Nice background"



 "at Estes Park in Colorado"



I am out of words ;p
love love life