Mar 13, 2011

ChiMeY MoMo n mY DAYGwea

wearing: H&M jacket, feeling good jacket inside, gifted button down shirt, Dolce & Gabbana shade, Steve madden combat shoe, urban outfitter's bag and a hat ;]
margarita ;p
outside de mall
got moves huh?
"MY bunny bro"

ohh!! spend the whole day with my lovely annoying sister, doing shopping ! 
had a lot of fun especially eating Dumplings, still craving for it :(
yeap drank my first drink which is my favorite margarita.

my sister surprised me with yummy cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and re-using my 21st candle lol.
this is the end of my day.
but night still awaits ;p
till then
love love life

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