Dec 24, 2011

Wicked Games

The weather s been pleasantly warm so far.

Hey everyone,
So i guess we are not having white Christmas this year. but i hope all of you have keeping the festive season alive. I realize that am not up to date with my blog. And it is not because i do not enjoy blogging, I am just plain lazy at times. I will try my best and would love it if you guys follow me and i shall follow you.
Happy Holidays !!
love love life,


  1. thanks for dropping by.. loving your heels! x

  2. who's the photographer???love the pics:) the heels are obviously to die for,love the skirt and its color.

  3. I love this look! The colour of the skirt is divine! And girl how in the heck are you walking in those heels?! I'm so impressed hahaha
    Emma xx :)
    Thanks again for the comments on my blog - I am following you back!

  4. lovely skirt!! nicee outfit :D