Jan 28, 2012

Hi Everyone, 

I am sure you guys are having an amazing weekend. My fellow blogger Emma just awarded me with Liebster blog award. It was a complete surprise and really sweet of her. I urge you guys to check her blog. Personally I LOVE her style plus, her amazing bags and shoes, are to die for.
Liebster blog is not a competition and it is just bunch of friends promoting their personal favorite blogs to the rest of the world who happen to have less than 200 followers. 
Anyways I have had this blog since 2010 but my progress has been very slow. And it only means that I am very picky about who I follow. So when I am choosing to follow you,it means that I really like your blog. But the format of this award is such that I can only pick 5 bloggers (who follows me
These are are my five favorite bloggers in random orders ;)

Tenzin Yyangchan
Tenzin Kalsang 
Dee Lenzi 
Sonam Shrestha

I want to emphasize yet again that I do only follow bloggers that I really like and all the compliments I give you guys, I mean it all the way. I would rather not give a compliment than give one that is not heartfelt. FYI, I recently unfollowed this blog because I found out that she had the same exact comment on like 5 different bloggers. I understand we all want as much followers as possible. But I just happen to have a different approach. Usually I do not feel the need to explain myself. But only because I missed so many of my other favorite bloggers so I kind of feel bad. 
Love to all my followers and those who i follow. 
Thank you for stopping by,
Love Love Life,


  1. Hello Dear. I'll been here last 2011 but I haven't much follower. the most important, if you and anyone who follow w/out condition or forcing that the best successful having to meet new friend w/feeling. by the way, I tagged you in a random fact post. hope it is okey for you.
    Thank you ;-) Arceli

  2. Aw thanks Lhantse!!that's so sweet of you ^.^ I really appreciate it and this definitely encourages me to get more involved with my blog since I'm always running out of posts.And with no doubt, you're also one of my favorite bloggers <3 keep posting! xxx

  3. Lhantse ur sucha cutie.. Thank-S...:D

  4. special blog!!

    Folow !!


  5. I'm here to virtually accept my award :). I'm gloating!!! Thank you Lhantse ^_^.

  6. congrats on your award!!!I understand your approach on the whole "following" situation.I dont give the "follow" importance according to the number, I just see following as a means of staying in touch...the more blogs i follow, the more amazing things i will see in my dashboard and so forth..I have been slow in this process as well and like yourself, I see that its all about quality instead of quantity. Big Hugs!!

    1. Thank you for understanding,sweetie. Am not hating on anybody. we all are different from each other and that s what makes life interesting and fun. but i wish all of those who follow me or doesnt follow me, nothing but great.

    2. hey! i recently received this very sweet comment on my blog and then i researched a little bit ( cause God only knows why I am not a detective since I am very good at it) and found out that she had wrote the same exact comment to like 4 other blogs....I felt so bad....and now I remembered that u had wrote about this here...I THINK THE BLOGGER HAS A BLOG called Cotton Candy....
      oh well...I just thought that maybe it couldve been the same one who wrote to u...kisses!

  7. lhantse,thank you so much for this award,all smiles:)))quality over quantity-mos def,that's like our mantra now,love u:)

  8. like the honesty... checked the blogs uve voted. Some are really good...

    check out my blog:
    http://styledestino.blogspot.com/ - wud love to hear what do u think about it. Wud be nice to hear from someone who's not biased :)

  9. Congratulations on your award :)