Jan 18, 2012

We got a good thing

I love Pacman <3

dumplings $ skewer

Hello everyone,
Seems like winter is finally here in Boston. On monday, my sister, him&i went out to downtown for little shopping/chilling/eating.
If you have notice, my hair color has changed a little. I had to retouch and refresh it, since it was fading away after i got a mane-tamer. Just so that you guys know, the first picture s the real color of my hair right now. Anyways those who know me knows that my hair has seen more color than the Benetton Ads over the years. I know a lot of you want to color your hair but scared it will ruin the hair. Not necessarily ! I will soon have a post to show how you can take care of colored hair.
thank you for stopping by,
love love life


  1. you're so cute! and i love your hair xx

  2. that momo looks delicious:)) pacma<3 it and your hair looks amazing!!!!

  3. The color of your hair so nice !! and i love your fur jacket,

  4. aww i love ur nails :3 n im craving for momo now! yumm

  5. Yayyy! For lovely comments, thank u ladies :)

  6. Your nails look amazing! Wish i could do nail art like that! :) xxx

  7. eyyyy love the fur... keep it cuming gurl....

  8. Oh my gosh! I love the new hair girl!!!! The deep red colour is amazing and pops when your hair is poker straight that! I adore it!!
    And your nails!??! I'm so beyond jealous!!
    Emma xxx

    ps. thank you for the uber nice comment on my blog today, you're the sweetest!

  9. I am in looove with the color of your hair. It is gorg! It kind of reminds me of my hair when I first colored it, but I haven't refreshed it in months so it has really faded and grown out. But your color is so vibrant.

  10. Your nails look awesome!


  11. wow u have a great blog as well!! thanks for visiting my blog!! want to follow each other so we can stay in touch? btw I looooooove your hair!! xx farah from www.2-gitanas.blogspot.com